Mira," is a playful study of perspective, light, space, and movement filmed in Oaxaca City, Mexico. Jessica Chappe and Robyn Nisbet are interested in the lenses we look through when experiencing a new environment, how we observe and participate in our experiences. Inspired by sights, sounds, and encounters, Jessica sets the frame of the space for Robyn to explore through her body. Filmed on an iphone through the lens of a Hasselblad, this is an invitation to looking.

Jessica Chappe:
Looking out at Monte Alban in the heat of July, you see the lush green grass, the vastness of the valley that surrounds it, the old temples of worship and glittering mica peaking out of the soil around your feet. It feels like a dream that one cannot capture in a single image. As a photographer, I often aim to freeze time in my lens— pin the butterfly to the board— but sometimes standing on the edge of a moment, I am unable to click the shutter. The idea of taking a photograph becomes insufficient. It is the layers of sound and movement in light— the presence—I want to capture. This piece is a sort of compromise between the two instincts. The hasselblad is a portal that fixes time in place and Robyn activates the space with her freedom of movement.

Robyn Nisbet:

I like to experience space with somatic awareness, taking note of how my body is processing information. My somatic awareness is heightened when I encounter a new place. In Jessica’s braveness and curiosity, she holds a container of space for me to play in, giving me permission to be curious with my body. Because of this dynamic throughout the project I felt very alive and connected to each location, finding my stage and tapping into an energy current that was beyond me. This was very exciting.

Reforma, Ciudad de la Oaxaca
La Cascada, Oaxaca
San Agustin, Etla, Oaxaca
Monte Alban, Oaxaca

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