Recipes for Belonging audio segment art. Illustration by Flannery Harper (9/16/2023)

Recipes for Belonging: Communities rooted in the Hudson Valley Region is an audio segment featured on WGXC highlighting and honoring spaces where belonging has been cultivated through reflections, visions, implemented structures, and daily interactions. Recipes for Belonging aims to highlight how these networks have grown into what they are today by sharing what it feels like to be inside of them with the hope to inspire others in their own pursuit for belonging.

Recipes for Belonging’s first segment looks at Kite’s Nest, a center for liberatory education in Hudson, NY. Kite’s Nest’s programming is meant for young people to learn how to bring about personal transformation, social connection, healing, and systemic change through experiential education, the arts, meaningful job training, and civic action as tools for building community power.

FEATURED ON WGXC (listen to a live interview with Jessica Chappe about the process followed by the audio segment around minute 15 here or listen below)

Intro music by Antonin Fajt
Co-founder and Executive Director: Kaya Weidman
Arts and Media Director: Sharece Johnson
Guest Instructor: Taina Asilia
Senior Fellows: Dezjuan Smith, Rihanna Brandt, Kenold Dorce, Graciela Rodriguez, Harmony Dandridge, Pierre Rice, LeBron Frazier, Angeliz Petrik

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