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City of Angels - 13x19

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City of Angels - 13x19in Print/ Photo taken on June 7, 2020 - Black Lives Matter Protest - West Hollywood, CA - Kendrick Sampson (actor and organizer) appears in the photo 

Only 15 prints available!!

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Two-thirds of the proceeds ($80 per print) will be donated to We the Movement, an organization led by a diverse, unified community of change-makers who came together after the LA riots in late May. They gained traction through their peaceful and well organized protests. We the Movement is making it their priority to demand reform in politics, public policies, police conduct towards Black people, and systemic profiling; implement diversity training in every institution; and amplify the voices of the Black Community by means of inclusion, justice, representation, and equality. So far they have organized 12 protests since they met, including the Million People March on Juneteenth in Dunbar Village (which I attended and documented) and have worked with 15 different organizations. These funds will help We the Movement carry out their mission and continue the fight for justice. 

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