Jessica Chappe lives and works in Los Angeles. She graduated from Bard College with a BA in photography in 2016. Her work gravitates towards the warmth of community, ritual, and intimacy. She believes in the power of collaboration and storytelling using mixed media to expand our understanding of humanity and what keeps us connected. Chappe's goal is to create a platform for voices we don't usually hear in mainstream media and give back to the communities and collaborators she works with. 

Personal Utopias, her thesis project at Bard College, focused on people who manifest their visions and created community while doing so. Since, college she has worked for David Hume KennerlyMetabolic Studio, and Kayne Griffin Corcoran

Please contact Jessica Chappe if you are looking for event photography, documentary photography, lifestyle photography /videography, portraiture, collaboration, or print inquiries.

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