12 Tribes 

The 12 Tribes are a religious group that came out of the 1970’s in the Bible Belt. Facing persecution, they fled the church to form their first official community in Island Pond, Vermont. With God as their guide and the Yellow Deli at its core, this religion has spread to form communities around the world; once a visitor has found their home within the 12 tribes, they have a home everywhere. 

The Yellow Deli, a restaurant meant to bring people of all walks of life together on a common ground, is the platform to sustain themselves financially, feed others, and discuss their religious beliefs. Each Yellow Deli is made out of recycled materials, a metaphor for the souls that come to the community: lost and misunderstood. These “forgotten” people have flourished and so has the Yellow Deli. 

This project is meant to share a glimpse into the lives of people who have chosen a path outside of the media's lens or a focus on material possessions. Instead, their lives are centered around family, essential skills, religion, and community. 

Work exhibited with 4D in collaboration with Madison Emond - Upstate NY, Summer 2016

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